Waving goodbye to our old home, and inviting you to our new!

Happy New Year! A long break has resulted in a big announcement about Fashionability…we’ve moved! In addition to setting up shop on our own web site, we have now established our own podcast feed. This means we will be discontinuing Fashionability on the AudioBoom platform, as well as the old iTunes feed. After you listen to this episode, ffollow the instructions to unsubscribe from the channel here on AudioBoom, and resubscribe to the new feed, either via our new web site, or through our new iTunes link. This is the final episode we plan to post here, and with the exception of a reminder or two, if necessary, to those of you who have not yet unsubscribed, you will no longer hear our podcast unless you follow us to our new home. We don’t want to lose you! All of our social media links have remained the same, as has our email address. However, below are the new links to get you to our new content. Thanks for listening!

New web site: http://www.fashionabilitychannel.com
New podcast feed URL: http://www.fashionabilitychannel.com/feed/podcast/
New iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fashionability-channel/id1076782532
Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/fashionability
Tweet at us on Twitter: @InclusiveStyle
Write to us at fashionabilitychannel@gmail.com


About Fashionability

Fashionabiity is an online audio channel aiming to make fashion more accessible to people with disabilities.

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